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Yggrasil large banner.jpg
Welcome to Yggdrasil, where abilities flower to their full potential. Enemies here will drop different ability scrolls by area. Fuse an ability scroll to level that ability. Teleport to the area of the card you want to enhanced and go to battle!
Region Tip

Yggdrasil is a Special Region set for leveling abilities and unlocking extra skills. The regions are often a permanent place to find the Scroll Cards that were found in the Item Exchange during the initial Ability Card debuts. (see Card Batches.)

Ability Seed Zone[edit | edit source]

Around the outside of the region are areas for specific Ability Cards. Finishing one of these areas will always reward 5x of the selected Ability Scroll. Battles here tend to be fairly easy, with a complement of Dust fiends, PuPus, and Gold Bombs. The Bombs will immediately explode when they show up, taking half your remaining health with each one, but these cannot kill you on their own. The others do only minor damage.

Extra Skill Zone[edit | edit source]

In the center of the region is a set of six areas: one in each element. These areas have a high cost (60 stamina!) but they will net 10x the usual amount of skillseeds and have 6x the normal chance to unlock Extra Skills. These items stack with similar bonuses from Extra Skill Weapons and Mobius Day, so you can gain a lot in a short time.

Note that the difficulty is still rather low. In order to maximize the number of skillseeds dropped, players should go in with a card set of low-level Ability Cards, to keep the displayed difficulty Red.

Yggdrasil: Zone 1[edit | edit source]

Appearing in Jan-April 2018, there is a good mix of older Abilities, plus the return of Scrolls from Card Batches in Oct-Dec 2017.

Yggdrasil: Zone 2[edit | edit source]

Appearing in May-Dec 2018, most of these are permanent homes for the Scrolls showing up in the Item Exchange.