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Table of weapons[edit | edit source]

  • All stats listed are at the maximum weapon level (★4) without weapon forging
Graff Weapons
Icon Name Job HP Attack Break Magic Crit Speed Defense Abilities Source
Fervuer (weapon icon).png Fervuer Graff Icon.png 0 75 85 20% ★★★ - Ultimate Charger+2
Auto-Charge Ultimate+5
Toreador ★5-★8
Hauteclaire (weapon icon).png Hauteclaire Graff Icon.png 0 100 70 40% ★★★ - Painful Break+50%
Exploit Weakness+50%
Gardien ★5-★8
Joyeuse (weapon icon).png Joyeuse Graff Icon.png 0 40 65 65% ★★ - Kill & Draw+2
Elemental Third Strike+2
Épéiste ★1-★4
Ultimate Lance (weapon icon).png Ultimate Lance Graff Icon.png 1000 100 100 100% ★★★ ★★ ★★★ Prismatic Return+20%
Elemental Third Strike+3
Ultimate Charger+2
Ring of Braves: Ultima Weapon