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Vargas fight.jpg

Inferno Arena

Elements [NONE]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops ? (no card)
Battlemaster of the Infinite Arena. Devotee of the Triad.
~ rough description

[WATER] Vargas is one of the boss Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. He runs the Infinite Arena, where Blanks go to challenge each other for supremacy and prizes. He was first introduced in the Inferno Arena event.

Vargas is patterned after the Grappler Job (with a sub-class of Wrestler), and uses the Haymaker as a weapon.

On start of battle, Vargas casts Break Immunity (effect).pngBreak Immunity on himself for 3 turns plus a few other boons, throws a lock on all of your abilities (Clouded X), then hits with heavy physical attacks... often with elemental boosts. You will need to endure his attacks until his Immunity drops, before you can properly damage him.

Much like Gilgamesh, Vargas will cast Wall (effect).pngWall on himself when his health drops below 50%, regardless of what state he's in at the time.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Name Effect
Bessing of the Triad Break Immunity (enhanced effect).pngBreak Immunity (4 turns)
Immune to Slow (effect).pngImmune to Slow
Berserk (enhanced effect).pngBerserk (99 turns)
Wall Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall (3 turns)
Curse Curse (effect).png Curse (3 turns)
Dark Fist medium damage, Dark Weapon (enhanced effect).pngDark Weapon 3 turns
Light Fist medium damage, Light Weapon (enhanced effect).pngLight Weapon 3 turns
Ice Fist medium damage, Water Weapon (enhanced effect).pngWater Weapon 3 turns
Spearing Tackle heavy damage
All Job abilities sealed for 1 turn.
Attack normal damage

Event Regions[edit | edit source]

Vargas appears in the following events.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Vargas as the Battlemaster

The Infinite Arena is a place for Blanks to challenge each other for supremacy and prizes. Many of those Blanks have lost themselves in the glory of victory, however, and have become Shadow Fiends. Those fiends reigned supreme in the Arena for uncounted generations... and all of their victories went to feed the power and hunger of the Old Gods, The Triad (The Goddess, The Valiant, and The Trickster).

A lone Blank striving to be the Warrior of Light, Vargas attempted a different approach: conquering the Arena with the power of prayer. He spent a long time at it, but the power of the Triad proved too much. Vargas ended up as Battlemaster for the Infinite Arena, and the most powerful of the Shadow Fiends there... until Wol defeats him. But like all notable fiends in Palamecia, Vargas keeps coming back.