Ultimate Gauge (boon)

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Ultimate Gauge (effect).png
Ultimate Gauge (boon)
Tracks a foe's Ultimate gauge.

The Ultimate Gauge is a special status counter used by Sicarius and other special foes to show their own Ultimate Gauge.

Effects[edit | edit source]

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The foe starts battle with a certain amount of this gauge already filled -- usually 20. Each turn, this gauge increases by 5. When the gauge reaches 100 (99?) the foe's next attack will be its Ultimate ability.

This gauge can be decreased by:

  • Breaking the foe
  • hitting the foe with Normal Attacks during Break

Foes with Ultimate Gauge[edit | edit source]

Fiend Event
Valefor (Sicarius) Ring of Braves
misc. Doppelgangers I vs. I
The Witching Hour
Pretender to the Throne
Cloud (Sicarius)
Lightning (Sicarius)?
Yuna (Sicarius)?
Tidus (Blitzball)
Tifa (Sicarius)
Y'Shtola (Sicarius)
Champions' Fete
Ultimate Hero Tag Team Match
Squall (Sicarius) Squall Leonhart challenge