Twin Viper

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Twin Viper (weapon icon).png
Ranger Icon.pngTwin Viper
The fang of the two-headed serpent pierces evil.
Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.pngReunion+20%
Restores a used orb as a prismatic orb 20% of the time.
Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.pngEXP Up+30%
Increases EXP gained after battle by 30%.
Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.pngSkillseed Up+30%
Increases skillseeds gained after battle by 30%.

Twin Viper is a ranger-type weapon in the game Mobius Final Fantasy, offered during the multiplayer Final Fantasy VII Collaboration Event: Sephiroth Descends, running through February 2018.

It is obtainable from trades for various items in the Multiplayer area, Ring of Braves. While the weapon can only be obtained from Multiplayer, it appears to be usable in all areas.

Weapon Purchase[edit | edit source]

Twin Viper is purchasable from the Item Exchange, under the "Other" category. On first access only the base version is obtainable, but as each version is purchased, the next one replaces it in the Exchange.

Weapon Name Availability Materials
Twin Viper 1 if Twin Viper has not yet been purchased Sephiroth's Feather x4
Sephiroth's Wing x2
Jenova Cell x1
Twin Viper+ 2 after trade for Twin Viper Sephiroth's Feather x8
Sephiroth's Wing x4
Jenova Cell x2
Twin Viper Bis 3 after trade for Twin Viper+ Sephiroth's Feather x32
Sephiroth's Wing x16
Jenova Cell x4
Twin Viper X 4 after trade for Twin Viper Bis Sephiroth's Wing x40
Jenova Cell x8

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stats & Auto-Abilities of Twin Viper
Break Power204060100-200
Crit Chance0000-5
EXP Up-303030-30
Skillseed Up--3030-30
Boost Ultimate----11

Modifications needed for maxed Auto-Abilities and Stars: 16