Tidus (Blitzball)

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Tidus (Blitzball)
Tidus fight.jpg

FFX Blitzball

Elements [WATER][EARTH][FIRE] -- [NONE]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Icon Crystal.png Crystal (rare)
Blitzball ace; star player for the Zanarkand Abes. Recently a new denizen of Palamecia.
~ General Description

You may be looking for Tidus as a character instead.

Tidus is the main character from Final Fantasy X, appearing in MOBIUS Final Fantasy as part of the Final Fantasy X Collaboration Event. He wakes up in Palamecia as heroes tend to do, along with Fiends and regions from his homeworld of Spira. As the star player for his Blitzball team the Zanarkand Abes, Wol challenges him to a Blitzball contest, leading to his appearance as an adversary in the FFX Blitzball event.

Tidus starts his play by absorbing your largest element, setting Elemental Drive with it. He'll usually follow that up with Energy Rain, which will drain your Ultimate Gauge.

Tidus uses a number of multi-strike attacks. If your Ultimate Gauge is high, he will drain it with Jecht Shot followed by Energy Rain. If his yellow Break Gauge is low, he will recharge it with Jecht Shot followed by Slice & Dice.

Following the rules for Mobius FF's version of Blitzball, he'll expose a weakness to one of the three main Blitzball attacks -- Pass, Dribble, or Tackle -- and change his element between Fire, Water, or Wind accordingly, often mid-battle. (He drops this weakness on the fifth Goal run and the Phantasmic Loop. If you are battling in the Phantasmic Loop, you can safely remove your Blitzball abilities -- they are no longer useful.)

Tidus can be hit with ailments from non-blitzball abilities, but gains immunity for 10 turns once the ailments wear off.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Action Description
Tidus impedes your progress! pre-action. Sets Slow (enhanced effect).png Slow and Blitzball (effect).pngBlitzball
Gimme those <...> elements! Takes the orbs of your most plentiful element from you,
uses them for Elemental Drive.
Energy Rain Multistrike hit + drains your Ultimate Gauge
(when your Ultimate gauge is over 75%)
Blitz Ace Ultimate ability. Multistrike hit + Stun (enhanced effect).png Stun + removes all orbs
Quick Hit normal damage, Tidus gains an action on next turn.
Jecht Shot Heavy damage, removes 4x orbs
Slice & Dice Multistrike hit, repairs break gauge
(when yellow gauge drops below 30%)
Pass the ball over here!
Can you dribble past me?
Tackle your opponent!
Shifts elemental affinity and ability weakness.
Indicates his new weakness.
Can't get me that easy! Comment only, when hit with the wrong Blitzball ability.
Play fair! Comment only, if hit especially hard with a non-blitzball ability.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Tidus appears as an enemy in the following: