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The Promised Meadow: FFVIII (Card)

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Card 2951 EN The Promised Meadow FFVIII 5.png
Job TypeSupport Icon.png Support
Element Life
SkillseedsSeed light.png x 56
NameEyes On Me
Max Lv.
Break Power
Crit Chance
Extra Skills

One day, we will meet again...just as you promised.

This is a special limited-time card.

 ⚔ Its ability removes all buffs and debuffs from yourself and enemies.
 ⚔ Slotting it in your deck increases skillseed gains
 ⚔ and occasionally turns used element orbs prismatic.
~ In-game description

The Promised Meadow: FFVIII (Card) is one of the Ability Cards in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is a Dropped Card that can obtained by achieving SeeD Rank 12 by completing the last node Stubborn Beasts in FFVIII: The Sleeping Lion Episode 1, Part 2 during the corresponding event.

Ability Stats - Eyes On Me[edit | edit source]

Support ability - Adds Full Esuna and Full Dispel to self. Multiplayer: Healers cannot use this abilty on all allies.

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
600 (0%)3