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Usage[edit source]

This displays the job type icon and name. It takes 3 parameters: the job type name, the size of the icon (defaults at 20px) and if the name should be displayed.

Boilerplate[edit source]


Example[edit source]

Job type Icon only With name
warrior Warrior Icon.png Warrior Icon.png Warrior
mage Mage Icon.png Mage Icon.png Mage
ranger Ranger Icon.png Ranger Icon.png Ranger
monk Monk Icon.png Monk Icon.png Monk
support Support Icon.png Support Icon.png Support
material Material Icon.png Material Icon.png Material
meia Meia Icon.png Meia Icon.png Meia (Mage)
sarah Sarah Icon.png Sarah Icon.png Sarah (Ranger)
sophie Sophie Icon.png Sophie Icon.png Sophie (Monk)
graff Graff Icon.png Graff Icon.png Graff (Warrior)