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Infobox fiend
Adamanterrapin fight.jpg

Adamanterrapin Terror

Elements [EARTH][NONE]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Adamanterrapin (Card)
Mog Amulet

Usage[edit source]

This template is for formatting general fiend information. It is the cornerstone graphic item for pages in Category:Fiends.

Pages with this infobox should include descriptions of the fiend, what actions and behaviors it has, and in what regions / areas it can be found.

Boilerplate[edit source]

{{Infobox fiend
|img= FiendName fight.jpg   (optional)
|drops= [[{{PAGENAME}} (Card)]]
  • img is the central picture for the fiend, taken as a cropped screenshot during combat. Preferred filename for the pic would be "Fiend Name fight.jpg
  • element is the primary element associated with this fiend, and colors the box background. This will be the element of its associated Ability Card, or the first element it displays when entering combat. Use "none" where appropriate, or "prismatic" in cases where a fiend can appear in any element. (only used for element-generic entries like Guard Hound)
  • region should be the first region where the fiend appeared. Further appearances should be in a list or table elsewhere on the page.
  • orbs are all of the elements that can feature in the fiend's appearances as shown in its status bar. If making an element-generic fiend page, put orbs for all of its variants here.
  • size is the relative size of the creature, useful to differentiate large/small variants of a fiend.
  • Small if smaller than Wol.
  • Medium if equal to Wol.
  • Large if larger than Wol.
  • Sub-Boss if it's the smaller, lesser version of a Boss fiend.
  • Boss if it's the larger, stronger version of a Boss fiend.
  • drops are the Ability Cards and other items that a fiend can drop when killed, as indicated by the blue Card icon appearing during its death.
Ability Cards should always show the (Card) part of their name.
Material Cards should be included here.
Icon Crystal.png Crystals, Icon Magicite.png Magicite and Skill Coins should not be included here, since these rare drops can appear on any fiend.

-- type was originally included to show Template:JobType for the fiend. This has been removed. If a fiend has a clearly defined JobType (as evidenced by using a Trance/Lucid boon) this should be noted in the fiend's main descriptive text, along with the action that invokes the boon.

Example[edit source]

General Example.

{{Infobox fiend
| img = Adamanterrapin fight.jpg
| element = Earth
| region = [[Adamanterrapin Terror]]
| orbs = {{Orb|Earth}}{{Orb|None}}
| size = Boss
| drops = [[Adamanterrapin (Card)]]<br/>[[Mog Amulet]]