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Icon Supreme Card.png

Supreme Cards are special ability cards in the game, offering extra-strong multi-strike attacks, heaps of ailments, or a load of stat-boosting boons. The cards are marked with a large, rainbow-colored star to indicate their special status.

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Getting one of these is super-rare, with a 0.8% chance that one will drop during a Card Summon. However, there are a few helps for this:

  • There is the "Super Special Supreme Summons" event every other month that will increase the chance to 1.2% for designated cards.
  • As the player Summons new cards, a counter at the bottom of the Summon Cards window keeps track. Single Summons add 0.1 to this counter. Greater Summons add 0.8 to this counter. When the counter goes over 80, any extra points are added as extra percentage to the Supreme chance. (Ex: a score of 83 gains an extra 3%, for a total chance of 3.8%) This counter resets to 0 when the player lands a Supreme Card.
  • During specific periods, you may obtain a Icon Supreme Ticket.png Supreme Ticket if you purchase at least 12,000 Icon Magicite.png Magicite (with real money). New players may also obtain a Supreme Ticket during the first 30 days since account creation. (Newly created player accounts will be considered day 0, up to the 30th day (12:59AM, UTC-7)). A Supreme Ticket guarantees drawing an unobtained Supreme Card. (This does not affect the Summons counter.)

List of supreme cards[edit | edit source]

Element Job Type Obtain Card Ability
[FIRE] Fire Warrior Icon.png Warrior Summon Bahamut Neo Neo Flare
[FIRE] Fire Warrior Icon.png Warrior Rift Extreme Belias X Extreme Eternal Flame X
[FIRE] Fire Ranger Icon.png Ranger Summon Demon: FFVI Southern Cross
[FIRE] Fire Mage Icon.png Mage Summon Fusoya: FFIV Meteor
[FIRE] Fire Monk Icon.png Monk Summon Zeromus: FFIV Big Bang
[FIRE] Fire Monk Icon.png Monk Rift Extreme Ifrit X Extreme Ifrit Punch X
[WATER] Water Warrior Icon.png Warrior Summon Xezat: FFV Spellsword Strafe
[WATER] Water Ranger Icon.png Ranger Summon Floral Fallal: FFX-2 Evanescent Dream
[WATER] Water Mage Icon.png Mage Summon Faris: FFV Poseidon Barrage
[WATER] Water Mage Icon.png Mage Rift Extreme Shiva X Extreme Whiteout X
[WATER] Water Monk Icon.png Monk Summon Eden: FFVIII Last Breath
[WATER] Water Monk Icon.png Monk Rift Extreme Famfrit X Extreme Tsunami X
[WIND] Wind Ranger Icon.png Ranger Summon Godo: FFVII Trine
[WIND] Wind Ranger Icon.png Ranger Rift Extreme Odin X Extreme Bolverk X
[WIND] Wind Mage Icon.png Mage Summon Emperor of Arubboth: FFII Stately Composure
[WIND] Wind Mage Icon.png Mage Rift Extreme Adrammelech X Extreme Thundaja X
[WIND] Wind Monk Icon.png Monk Summon Yiazmat: FFXII Cyclone
[EARTH] Earth Warrior Icon.png Warrior Summon Raffaello: Chocobo's MDEB! Blade Slash
[EARTH] Earth Warrior Icon.png Warrior Rift Extreme Hashmal X Extreme Roxxor X
[EARTH] Earth Ranger Icon.png Ranger Summon Ragnarok: FFXIII Gotterdammerung
[EARTH] Earth Mage Icon.png Mage Summon Rinoa: FFVIII Wishing Star
[EARTH] Earth Monk Icon.png Monk Summon Braska's Final Aeon: FFX Ultimate Jecht Shot
[LIGHT] Light Warrior Icon.png Warrior Summon Bhunivelze: FFXIII Rejoice in the light!
[LIGHT] Light Ranger Icon.png Ranger Summon Gilgamesh X Bitter End
[LIGHT] Light Mage Icon.png Mage Summon Minwu: FFII Ultima
[LIGHT] Light Mage Icon.png Mage Rift Extreme Ultima X Extreme Divine Punishment X
[LIGHT] Light Monk Icon.png Monk Summon Duncan: FFVI Phantom Rush
[DARK] Dark Warrior Icon.png Warrior Summon Unbreakable Bonds: FFXV Royal Arms X
[DARK] Dark Warrior Icon.png Warrior Summon Shadow Lord: FFXI Bowels of Agony
[DARK] Dark Ranger Icon.png Ranger Summon Neo Exdeath: FFV Grand Cross
[DARK] Dark Ranger Icon.png Ranger Rift Extreme Anima X Extreme Dark Sphere X
[DARK] Dark Mage Icon.png Mage Summon Sin: FFX Giga-Graviton
[DARK] Dark Monk Icon.png Monk Summon Griever: FFVIII Shockwave Pulsar
[DARK] Dark Support Icon.png Support Summon Ultimate Chaos Catastrophe
[LIFE] Life Support Icon.png Support Summon Aerith: FFVII Great Gospel
[LIFE] Life Support Icon.png Support Summon Lights of Hope Limitless Potential
[LIFE] Life Support Icon.png Support Summon Warrior of Light: FFI The Crystals' Blessing
[LIFE] Life Support Icon.png Support Summon Zack: FFVII Apocalypse
[LIFE] Life Support Icon.png Support Summon Knights of the Round X: FFVII Ultimate Boon X