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This content may contains spoilers.

A summary of the event of the main storyline of Mobius Final Fantasy, as told through the in-game menus.

Prologue: Awakening[edit | edit source]

A Mysterious Voice[edit | edit source]

Mysterious voice.png

You float through darkness, memories a blur.

A voice speaks to you, calling itself "Vox."

You arrive in Palamecia, a "world of hope unbound."

Chapter I: Blank Slate[edit | edit source]

The Law of Palamecia[edit | edit source]

Law palamecia 1.png

You, Wol, awaken in a strange world named Palamecia. You have no memories of how your got there, or even who you truly are.

In no time, you are beset by monstrous fiends, and you must fight. That, you are told, is the law here.

Law palamecia 2.png

All the men who arrive in Palamecia from other worlds remember nothing of their past.

Vox calls these men—and you—"Blanks." He tells you of a prophecy that foretells of a Blank named "Wol" becoming the Warrior of Light, a hero destined to save this world.

Guided by Vox, the Blanks venture further inland. Among them, you meet a man, clad in strange, ornate armor.

Mog[edit | edit source]

Mog ch.png

Past dark forests, you arrive at great, open plains.

You see a creature, a moogle, being attacked by fiends. At the suggestion of the armored man, Garland, you save the helpless thing. Owing you a life debt, the moogle decides to come with you, and calls you its "master."

The Prophecy and the Princess[edit | edit source]

Prophecy princess 1.png

Mog, the moogle that you saved, offers to help you become the Warrior of Light.

According to him, the prophecy is open for any Blank to fulfill. However, many Blanks choose to lose themselves in trivial activities, either afraid or forgetting to walk the arduous path of the Warrior of Light.

Under Mog's guidance, you head for the Runic Temple, the very first step on that dangerous path.

Prophecy princess 2.png

After vanquishing a deadly fiend, you arrive at the deepest chamber of the Runic Temple, where the Rune Crystal rests.

When you approach, a projected image of Princess Sarah appears inside the crystal. She tells you that for many years, she has been waiting for the appearance of the Warrior of Light, and that you show great promise.

Mog guides you toward Castle Cornelia. Once there, you are tasked with activating a teleport stone, a device that allows users to travel great distances, and to make your way toward where Sarah awaits.

Who Guides the Warrior of Light?[edit | edit source]

Who guides wol.png

You meet a strange spirit calling herself Echo.

Claiming that she will be able to set you on your fated path, she decides to join your on your journey without any consultation or approval.

Mog claims that Echo is a legendary spirit on whose visage no mortal has ever laid eyes—not that Mog has laid eyes on her himself.

Chaos and the Heretic[edit | edit source]

Chaos heretic 1.png

You learn that it is Chaos, a lord of darkness, who is sending armies of fiends to sow mayhem and destruction throughout Palamecia. It is Chaos that the Warrior of Light is destined to battle and defeat to bring peace to this world.

Meanwhile, you see Garland attacked by several Blanks. It seems that Vox wants Garland dead, calling him a "heretic," and sent these Blanks to assassinate him.

Chaos heretic 2.png

The path to Castle Cornelia is blocked due to an attack by a monstrous cockatrice.

You must find and defeat this fiend in order to reach Castle Cornelia, and the teleport stone within.

New Lands[edit | edit source]

New lands.png

With the cockatrice defeated, you finally reach Castle Cornelia.

What you find are the ruins of a once-great castle, destroyed long ago by Chaos.

The Blanks guarding the castle praise you for your prowess, but you are distracted by something else—a moldy stench, the smell of things old and decayed, permeates the place, and, strangely, the Blanks as well.

You hurry to the teleport stone and leave, feeling you might fall victim to the same compulsion as those poor Blanks if you stay any longer.

Chapter II: Hope and Prophecy[edit | edit source]

Scorching Sands[edit | edit source]

Scorching sands.png

The teleport stone in Castle Cornelia sends you to the Ishtar Desert.

You set forth across the burning sands in search of this land's Runic Temple, guided only by Mog's cryptic clues.

Key Quest[edit | edit source]

Key quest.png

You manage to collect three keys from temples spread across the desert. You learn that you must find a fourth to gain access to the Runic Temple, but you find no clues as to its location.

You decide to venture beyond the Ishtar Desert to try to find this last key.

The Tournament[edit | edit source]


You come across a tournament where Blanks compete to decide who can rightfully call himself "Wol."

You enter the tournament after learning that a runic key is also part of the champion's prize.

Your opponent in the finals forfeits due to injury, and you win by default. Apparently, the Warrior of Light is prophesied to win unscathed by another Blank.

While you're not convinced by this interpretation of the prophecy, the other Blanks give you their blessing and send you on your way.

Destiny's Price[edit | edit source]

Destinys price.png

With all four keys now in hand, you and Mog enter the Runic Temple.

While Mog guides you unerringly through the path foretold by the prophecy, you feel that he is not telling you all that he knows.

You find and battle a lich, a lieutenant of Chaos, in the deepest chambers of the Runic Temple. After a long battle, you are victorious, but not without paying a terrible price.

In its death throes, the lich lashes out at Mog, wounding him mortally.

Mog says he accepts his fate, and draws his last breath in your arms.

"And so the friend made shall be lost."

One Step Forward[edit | edit source]

Step forward 1.png

Still shaken by mog's death, you venture further inside the temple and find the crystal Sarah uses to speak to you.

She initially shows you empathy to your loss, but you glimpse a single tear running down her cheek. This is enough to make you forget your anger.

Step forward 2.png

While increasingly wary of blindly following prophecies, you press forward, to the land where Princess Sarah awaits.

Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown[edit | edit source]

The Last Stand[edit | edit source]

The Last Stand.png

In these sprawling plains, soldiers have gathered in preparation for the battle against Chaos and his legions.

The battle will surely be a hard one, yet the soldiers' morale is high, for Princess Sarah watches over them from the great Queen's Keep citadel.

To a man, they will gladly give their lives for the Crown, and fight with honor.

Bracing for Battle[edit | edit source]

Bracing for Battle.png

You've walked amongst the men manning the defenses of the citadel.

Some believe there is hope beyond the battle, some only seek glory in death. More than a few wish for release, some form of deliverance from their hollow lives.

But in the end, all of them wish for Princess Sarah, the one they've sworn to protect, to witness their fate in upcoming battle.

As for you, Wol, what fate awaits you on the battlefield?

The Battle at Hand[edit | edit source]

The harbinger of destruction, Chaos, comes. A great shadow falls over the Last Stand as a seemingly endless horde of fiends march toward the flimsy defenses surrounding the citadel.

At Sarah's signal, the soldiers advance, and the battle is met.

For honor, for glory, or for eternal release, the Blanks fight and fall.

Boneyard of Heroes[edit | edit source]

You run across the battlefield and fight as best as you can to stem the tide of Chaos's legions.

But the more you fight, the more the battle seems hopeless.

The once-solid wall of citadel are in ruins, breached by but a single strike from Chaos himself.

All around you, Blanks fall. Heroes one and all, but they're not enough. Never enough.

You finally come to face your adversary, Chaos.

After a long, intense battle, you barely manage to force Chaos to retreat.

In the aftermath of the battle, you look around you, and cannot manage to feel victorious.

Chaos wasn't beaten. He simply chose to leave, as if telling you that you were not worth the effort to crush.

Sarah's Hope[edit | edit source]

The battle is done. Not won, but done.

Palamecia has received a brief respite from Chaos. It isn't much, but it is still hope.

You fought bravely. Some say you deserve to be considered the Warrior of Light. When you meet Sarah, she seems to believe that you are the hero of legend.

You have no time to stay and speak with her for long. You must hurry on your way, and seek a new Runic Temple.

The Missing Princess[edit | edit source]

When you arrive at the Runic Temple, word reaches you that Princess Sarah has disappeared from the citadel.

You know the truth, however. Sarah is next to you.

She has come to witness for herself your ascension to the Warrior of Light.

You had doubts about letting Sarah come with you, at first, but you believe you made the right decision to journey with her.

Vox said he couldn't see the light in you, and in a corner of your mind, you think that he may be right.

Traveling with Sarah, however, might lead you to a new hope, and a way to regain this light you have lost.

Chapter IV Prologue: a New Light[edit | edit source]

Vox's Offer[edit | edit source]

As you take your first steps into yet another unknown land, Vox whispers to you:

"You still lack light...but I have good news for you, Wol. There is a way for you to acquire another source of light. A new light, in fact."

According to him, meeting the challenges awaiting you here will lead to this "new light," a new power.

Perhaps distracted by this news, you lose sight of Echo...

A Blank's Tale[edit | edit source]

At almost every step during your challenges, Vox whispers questions to you. He asks you about Sarah, about Garland, and even people who have gone.

It is as if he is making you retrace your steps, questioning every decision you've made ever since you set foot in Palamecia. Is he trying to ascertain whether you are worthy of becoming the Warrior of Light? You don't know, but you know he'll never give you a satisfactory answer even if you asked.

For now, all you focus on is the task at hand. There will be time for questions once all of this is over...or so you've told yourself ever since the beginning.

Chapter IV: Doubt and Illusion[edit | edit source]

Runic Quest[edit | edit source]

You reach the Runic Highlands, Sarah in tow. You've seen first-hand what Chaos is capable of. In order to stand against such power, you need the power hidden within the temples in this region.

It is a dangerous task, for both you and Sarah, but she shows no sign of fear. She knew the perils your journey entailed, and she'd accepted them, but more importantly, she trusts you to keep her safe, fully and unequivocally.

Shadow of Despair[edit | edit source]

On the road south, you come across Momulus and Memus, two moogle brothers, who offer to guide you to the four runic temples.

Sarah, meanwhile, seems to actually be enjoying this journey, freed from her responsibilities to her people as the crown princess, even for a short while.

It was not to last. Sarah sees, through the crystal, the people at Queen's Keep stricken by hopelessness and begging for her return.

Meanwhile, a new evil stirs: Man-shaped beings of pure darkness, of unknown origin, are sighted across the land. Whether these are Chaos's creations, or the horrific fate of Blanks overwhelmed by despair, none can say.

Courage and Respect[edit | edit source]

You head to the Sky Runic Temple after gaining the power of both light and darkness. Sarah seems to have memories of being in this place, even though she'd never strayed far from the citadel. Thins get stranger as you come across an old letter written by a "Sarah" and addressed to you, Wol.

Sarah must be shaken by these impossible discoveries, but she does not show it. You see why the other Blanks are so willing to sacrifice themselves in her honor. You stand in the presence of the last in a long line of noble kings, a living symbol of courage and grace in adversity. You vow once again to end the terror of Chaos not only for your own sake, but in her name as well.

The moogles, somehow, manage to take Sarah to Mogheim. You arrive there not long after. The moogles convince Sarah to stay in Mogheim for her own good. She hands you a letter, in which her feeling are made bare.

You leave the Princess in the care of the moogles, and you resume your journey to stop Chaos, alone.

Prophecy and Disillusion[edit | edit source]

Sarah has chosen to embrace her responsibilities as royalty, and her destiny. You leave her in the safety of Mogheim and set forth to meet your own.

But is your destiny truly set? As far as you know, your journey has followed the prophecy to the letter. How can that be, and when will you know the whole of it?

Ominous Premonition[edit | edit source]

You reach the crystal within the Runic Template, thanks to the help of Mowg, an old moogle from Mogheim. Through him, you see that Sarah's court and servants seem relieved to hear that she is safe.

However, worrying news reaches you: Chaos is on the move. It may have sensed your acquisition of your new powers, and may be moving to end you.

FFVII Eclipse Contact[edit | edit source]

FFVII Eclipse Contact[edit | edit source]

When the boundaries between worlds blur and merge, a soldier born of Mako arrives in Palamecia. "None shall remember the names of those who do not fight"—these are words he knows all to well.

Perhaps he is not truly who he thinks he is. Perhaps everything is illusory, a dream. Only one thing is certain, that he must press on, one step at a time, toward the light that shines from the Promised Land.

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