Star-Crossed Lover

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Star-Crossed Lover
Job Type Meia Icon.png Meia (Mage)
Multiplayer Role Icon Healer.png Healer
Crit Chance
Weapons Flower of Life
Ultimate Fated Encounter
"I fear little with you by my side."

A powerful Meia job that specializes in stalwart defenses and using sub-attacks at little cost. Her trust and faith enable her to start the battle with a variety of boons in effect.

~ Info

Star-Crossed Lover is a Meia-type EX Job card, added on March 16th, 2020.

Obtaining this card through Summons also gains the accessory Regal Headdress.

Ultimate Ability[edit | edit source]

[MAGE]Fated Encounter

Area Attack. Lights descend from above to shine upon the hopeful.

ALv.Ultimate GaugeAttackBreak PowerCrit Chance
11600%0%★★★ (15%)
21550%0%★★★ (15%)
31500%0%★★★ (15%)
41400%0%★★★ (15%)
51350%0%★★★ (15%)
61300%0%★★★ (15%)
71250%0%★★★ (15%)
81100%0%★★★ (15%)
91000%0%★★★ (15%)
10800%0%★★★ (15%)
Added Effects
Adds Full Esuna, Wall II (enhanced effect).pngWall II, Barrier II (enhanced effect).pngBarrier II, resistance of all elements (omnidrive), and Prismatic Shift to self, and Dispel Bis, Debrave (enhanced effect).png Debrave, Curse (enhanced effect).png Curse, and Slow (enhanced effect).png Slow to all enemies.

★8 Auto-Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Heal Drive: Fire+2%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Heal Drive: Water+2%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Heal Drive: Wind+2%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Heal Drive: Earth+2%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Heal Drive: Light+2%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Barrier Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Brave Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Faith Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Boost Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Drain Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Regen Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Haste Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Wall Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Snipe Starter
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Element Call Bis+2
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Resist Fire+45%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Resist Water+45%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Resist Wind+45%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Resist Earth+45%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Resist Light+45%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Resist Dark+45%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Piercing Break+50%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Element Starter +16
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Extended Break +4
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Painful Break 50%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Exploit Weakness+3000%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Improved Criticals+200%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Ability Chain+215%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Enhanced Heal Drive+40%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Prismatic Return+15%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Quick Break+15%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Steelguard+5%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Avert Defense Down+100%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Avert Action Loss+100%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Avert Magic Down+100%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Job Change Shift: Light
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Job Change Recast: 4 turns (400)
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Ultimate Charge: Abilities+2
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Prismatic Element Generator+2
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Armor Break+240%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Counter-limit+3
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Red.png Area Heals and Boons
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Red.png Damage Up +30%
  • Icon Auto-Abilities Red.png Life Orb Draw Up

Original Promo Text[edit | edit source]

Star-Crossed Lover is a new Meia job that skillfully handles the five elements of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Light.

She has Barrier Starter, Brave Starter, Faith Starter, Boost Starter, Drain Starter, Regen Starter, Haste Starter, Wall Starter, and Snipe Starter, giving her ample ability to enter battle with various buffs right from the start!

On the defense front, she has high resistance among other mage-type jobs, and with resistance to Fire / Water / Wind / Earth / Light / Dark elements and Steelguard, she can withstand enemy attacks. In addition, she also has Avert Defense Down +100%, Avert Action Loss +100%, and Avert Magic Down +100%, allowing her to avoid ability-lowering debuffs from enemies. Furthermore, she possesses Heal Drives for 5 elements, and with the effect of Enhanced Heal Drive +40%, element drives using life orbs restore more HP!

On the attack front, she has Exploit Weakness and Improved Criticals. Her action gauge fills easily, and since her sub-attack consumes less than other jobs, you can employ the strategy of using Star-Crossed Lover to endure during battle while striking constantly with sub-attacks!

Her Ultimate first adds Full Esuna, Wall II, Barrier II, and resistance to all elements to self. Then after adding Dispel Bis to all enemies and dealing damage, it debuffs them with Debrave, Curse, and Slow. Lastly, Prismatic Shift is cast to be ready for the next round!