Squall (Job)

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Squall Job.png
Job Type Warrior Icon.png Warrior
Weapons Gunblade (skin)
Ultimate Renzokuken
The lion sleeps, biding time until its next feast.

An Ultimate Hero, the manifestation of a hero from another world.
Go to the "Job" menu to choose Warrior abilities to manifest in this hero.
You can choose the weapon's abilities from the "Weapon" menu.
~ Info

Squall is a warrior-type Ultimate Hero added to the game on August 1st, 2019.
This Ultimate Job permanently available to all players who enters FFVIII: The Sleeping Lion Episode 1, Part 1 event region.

Auto-Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ultimate ability[edit | edit source]


Single target attack. Hunt down your prey and leave it in pieces.

ALv.Ultimate GaugeAttackBreak PowerCrit Chance
11602500%2500%☆☆ (100%)
21552750%2750%☆☆ (100%)
31503000%3000%☆☆ (100%)
41403250%3250%☆☆ (100%)
51353500%3500%☆☆ (100%)
61304250%4250%☆☆ (100%)
71255000%5000%☆☆ (100%)
81105750%5750%☆☆ (100%)
91006500%6500%☆☆ (100%)
10807500%7500%☆☆ (100%)
Added Effects
Adds Lucid War II (enhanced effect).pngWarrior's Trance II, Brave (enhanced effect).pngBrave, Haste (enhanced effect).pngHaste, Snipe (enhanced effect).pngSnipe, and Prismatic Shift to self. Break Defense Down (enhanced effect).png Break Defense Down to target.