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Card 349 EN Shadowy Wing 3.png
Job TypeMaterial Icon.png Material
Element Fire

A wing taken from a shadow dragon.

This material is required to augment fire cards.
Has a high Skillseed Fusion success chance.
~ In-game description

Shadowy Wing (Card) is one of the material cards in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is a required to augment certain 1★ and 2★ cards. It also has a high Skillseed Fusion success chance.

It is a Dropped Card that can obtained from defeating the boss Shadow Dragon and by buying from the Item Shop or Item Exchange.



Regions Shadow Dragon Can Be EncounteredEdit

Permanent RegionsEdit

Name Release Date
Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown, Part 1 October 5th, 2016.
Albion Plateau Redux August 10th, 2017


Item ShopEdit

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Item ExchangeEdit

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