Serrated Scythe (Card)

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Card 167 EN Serrated Scythe 2.png
Job TypeMaterial Icon.png Material
Element Water

A scythe-like claw taken from a killer mantis.

This material is required to augment water cards.
Has a high Skillseed Fusion success chance.
~ In-game description

Serrated Scythe (Card) is one of the material cards in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is a required to augment certain ★1 and ★2 cards. It also has a high Skillseed Fusion success chance.

It is a Dropped Card that can obtained from defeating the boss Killer Mantis and by buying from the Item Shop or Item Exchange.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Regions Killer Mantis Can Be Encountered[edit | edit source]

Permanent Regions[edit | edit source]

Name Release Date
Chapter 2: Hope and Prophecy 03-Aug-2016
Chapter 4 Prologue: A New Light

Event Regions[edit | edit source]

Name Start Date End Date
Dahaka Assault 22-Sept-2016 30-Sept-2016

Purchasing[edit | edit source]

Item Shop[edit | edit source]

Group Price Notes
Daily Deal 250 Icon Magicite.png Magicite Max of 5 purchases in one day

Item Exchange[edit | edit source]

Start Date End Date Items
22-Sept-2016 06-Oct-2016 Ifrit Claw (x2)
06-Oct-2016 20-Oct-2016 Shiva Claw (x2)