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Security: Medical Team

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Security: Medical Team
Medical Team fight.jpg

Mako Reactor 2: Upper Levels

Enemy Size Small
Drops Security: Medical Team (Card)
An illusory manifestation of a soldier from another world.
~ In-Game Description

Security: Medical Team is one of the event-only fiends of Mobius Final Fantasy, showing up as part of the Eclipse Contact event. The squad usually comes in packs of three, and can be any combination of elements.

The squad starts by casting Brave on themselves, and their first turns are spent casting Stun and Unguard on the player, before using lots of Machine Guns and the occasional spell "grenade".

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Name Description
"Medical Team, ready!" [LIFE] Grants 2 turns of Brave (effect).pngBrave to the party at start of battle.
Machine Gun Multi-hit attack. Attack element matches the fiend's element.
First Aid [LIFE] Restores HP. Additionally restores a small amount of HP the following turn.
-aga Spells Area-target attack. Element matches the particular fiend's element.

Event Regions[edit | edit source]