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Scattershot is an ability effect in Mobius Final Fantasy that changes hit count depending on number of foes. This effect is very rare and limited to only a few cards.

Ability Cards[edit | edit source]

Element Card Name Job Type # hits
[WATER] Water Arion Ranger Icon.png Ranger 31
[LIGHT] Light Vishnu Monk Icon.png Monk 31
[WIND] Wind Pelops Warrior Icon.png Warrior 31
[FIRE] Fire Garutman Mage Icon.png Mage 31
[DARK] Dark Gilgamesh: FFVIII Warrior Icon.png Warrior 31
[LIGHT] Light Belhelmel: FFVIII Mage Icon.png Mage 31
[EARTH] Earth Armadodo: FFVIII Ranger Icon.png Ranger 31
[FIRE] Fire Catoblepas: FFVIII Monk Icon.png Monk 31
[WATER] Water Floral Fallal: FFX-2 Ranger Icon.png Ranger 12
[DARK] Dark Extreme Anima Ranger Icon.png Ranger 12
[DARK] Dark Extreme Anima X Ranger Icon.png Ranger 12
[WATER] Water Gilgamesh (Water)(Ranger) Ranger Icon.png Ranger 12

Effect[edit | edit source]

Some calculations regarding 31 hit cards hits distribution
Damage spread (4500 Attack):

  • 5 x 90 Attack = 450 to main target
  • 25 x 126 Attack = 3150 spreading across other fiends (random?)
  • 1 x 900 Attack - Area damage
# enemies # hits to each
1 12
2 9
3 8
4-6 7 hit to each and some get another
7+ 7 hit to 6 of them, 6 hit to the rest