Proto-SOLDIER: Sapphire

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Proto-SOLDIER: Sapphire
Proto Sapphire fight.jpg

Fatal Calling: Nibelheim

Enemy Size Small
Drops Proto-SOLDIER: Sapphire (Card)

Proto-SOLDIER: Sapphire is one of the Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy, appearing as a special foe during the Fatal Calling event.

On its first turn, the Proto-SOLDIERs will yell a group-wide Brave (effect).pngBrave, and the first one will fire its Sapphire Beam. This will knock out most of your HP, all of your orbs, and lock out ALL of your abilities for one turn. If you're playing the Fatal Calling event, make sure you have some Materia with heavy damage or healing in reserve!

These Proto-SOLDIERS get two actions per turn, and are Immune to Stun (effect).pngImmune to Stun. While they primarily occur as a Water foe, they can appear as any element.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Action Description
Sapphire Weapon, standby! Brave (effect).pngBrave for 3 turns
All weapons free! Brave (effect).pngBrave for 3 turns, when working with other SOLDIERs.
Sapphire Beam heavy [WATER] Water damage
eliminates all orbs
Resist Fire (effect).pngResist Fire for 2 turns
Silence Ability Block (enhanced effect).png Ability Block for 1 turn
Machine Gun normal damage
Unguard (effect).png Unguard Removes defense for 3 turns.
Brave (effect).pngBrave Increased attack for 3 turns.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Proto-SOLDIER: Sapphire can appear as an enemy in the following:

Event Regions[edit | edit source]