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Power Drive may refer to one of the following auto-abilities:

Under normal circumstances, you can invoke an Element Drive from your interface to give you Resistance against attacks of that element. The amount and length of protection are dependent on how many orbs you are driving. This auto-ability boosts the effects as if you used X more orbs.


Element Drive: Dark -- 4 orbs 35% Resistance, 2 turns
with Icon Auto-Abilities Green.png Power Drive: Dark+2 50% Resistance, 3 turns (effects of 6 orbs)

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Job Drive skills
Hermit [WIND] Wind +2, [LIGHT] Light +2, [DARK] Dark +2
Bard [WATER] Water +2, [LIGHT] Light +2, [DARK] Dark +2
Samurai [WIND] Wind +4, [EARTH] Earth +4
Assassin [FIRE] Fire +4, [WATER] Water +4
Red Mage [FIRE] Fire +4, [EARTH] Earth +4
Scholar [FIRE] Fire +2, [WIND] Wind +2
Dragoon [FIRE] Fire +2, [WATER] Water +2
Dancer [WIND] Wind +2, [EARTH] Earth +2
Highwind [EARTH] Earth +2, [LIGHT] Light +2, [DARK] Dark +2
Tactician [WATER] Water +2, [LIGHT] Light +2, [DARK] Dark +2
Eorzean Paladin [LIGHT] Light +3, [DARK] Dark +3
Battle Princess [LIGHT] Light +2
Heretical Knight [DARK] Dark +3