Phantasmic Loop: Endless War

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What is Endless war?[edit | edit source]

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Endless War is an end game content where you challenge yourself against 12 hard nodes. Each time you complete a lap (of 12 nodes), the lap is reset and you can challenge it again with enhanced difficulty. Later laps are akin to harder high floor tower content and will require brain, deck efficiency and proper strategy. You wont be able to cheese the content in much later lap by brainlessly spamming supreme card.

The number of nodes you complete is displayed on your mobius profile.

Specifications[edit | edit source]


Normal / Hard doesnt work on Endless mode. Rental and phoenix down doesnt work as well. Each node is identical from each lap, just harder difficulty every time you finished one lap.

Lap difficulty ramps up pretty fast.

Jobs usage[edit | edit source]

You need at least 12 jobs to be able to complete 1 lap.

  • Warrior x 3 (Area 1, 5, 9)
  • Ranger x 3 (Area 2, 6, 10)
  • Mage x 3 (Area 3, 7, 11)
  • Monk x 3 (Area 4, 8, 12)

Jobs used once in a node cannot be used again, regardless of the main / sub usage. It reset if you finish/reset the lap.

It will better to keep more powerful jobs for the later nodes.

You can check which job you used already with the sword-like icon, on the map.

There's a bonus of for each type on each node

If you equip a job from the specific type(Warrior, Monk...), you'll get a boost of deck level. You do not have to use a job type on any specific node though.

The boost is a flat +200 deck level.

Ultimate Hero(Skin) and onion jobs

Ultimate Hero are counted as a job, if you use them in one node, you cant use both the skin and the job again for the lap.


If you come to a point on a lap where you cannot advance no more, you can reset the lap via the sword-like icon. You'll restart again from 1st node, and can re-use jobs, but you wont get reward from the lap you already get.

Rotation[edit | edit source]


Rewards[edit | edit source]

First lap[edit | edit source]

Area Reward
1st Node 1x Summon Ticket
2nd Node 150x [magicite]
3rd Node 30x Ability Ticket
4th Node 1x Mog Amulet
5th Node 2x [Gold Opener]
6th Node 1x Summon Ticket
7th Node 300x [magicite]
8th Node 60x Ability Ticket
9th Node 2x Extranger
10th Node 1x Summon Ticket
11th Node 500x [magicite]
Final Node 2x Summon Ticket and 1x [Gold Opener]

After first lap[edit | edit source]

Area Reward
1st Node 8x Ability Ticket
2nd Node HP+7% fractal ★5
3rd Node 1x Mog Amulet
4th Node 8x Ability Ticket
5th Node ATK+7% fractal ★5
6th Node 250x magicite
7th Node 8x Ability Ticket
8th Node BRK+7% fractal ★5
9th Node 1x Extranger and 1x [Gold Opener]
10th Node 8x Ability Ticket
11th Node MAG+7% fractal ★5
Final Node 1x Summon Ticket and 1x [Gold Opener]