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Pantheron fight.jpg

Lightning Resurrection, Part 1

Enemy Size small
Drops Pantheron - Fire (Card)
Pantheron - Earth (Card)
Pantheron - Light (Card)
Rare Drop: Icon Crystal.png Crystal
A phantasmal bioweapon from Cocoon.
~ In-Game Description

The Pantheron is one of the common Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy appearing during the Final Fantasy XIII Collaboration Events. Pantherons come in a variety of elements, in packs of 2-4 at a time. They will often be paired with PSICOM Soldiers with matching or opposing elements.

Pantherons will often howl before combat begins, giving all enemies a Snipe (effect).pngSnipe boon for a few turns. Their main attack, Beat Rush, can accumulate damage to the player quickly if the pack is not broken or killed first.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Name Ability
A frenzied howl of attack! Snipe (effect).pngSnipe for 2 turns, all enemies
(pre-emptive or regular turn)
Attack normal hit
Beast Rush 3-strike physical attack
Fire / Blizzard / Aero / Stone / Shine / Pain light magic damage.
Magical Energies gather... medium magic damage,
removes some elemental orbs
Fire / Blizzard / Aeroga / Stonega / Shinega / Painga

Event Regions[edit | edit source]