PSICOM Soldier - Water (Card)

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Card 1581 EN PSICOM Soldier Water 2.png
Job TypeMonk Icon.png Monk
Element Water
SkillseedsSeed water.png x 15
NameManadrive Snow
Max Lv.
Break Power
Crit Chance
Extra Skills

A phantasmal soldier from Cocoon.

Fuse with a Snow: FFXIII card to raise its ability level.
Creates water skillseeds.

~ In-game description

PSICOM Soldier - Water (Card) is one of the Ability Cards in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is a Dropped Card that can be obtained from defeating the fiend PSICOM Soldier. It is first found as ★2 and can not be augmented.

In addition to its own card, the PSICOM Soldier also can drop the Zidane: DISSIDIA FF (scroll) in Part 2.

Regions PSICOM Soldier Can Be Encountered[edit | edit source]

Event Regions[edit | edit source]

Name Start Date End Date
FFXIII: Lightning Resurrection, Part 1 September 5th, 2017 October 29th, 2017
FFXIII: Lightning Resurrection, Part 2 September 15th, 2017 October 29th, 2017
Lightning's Shadow September 23rd, 2017 October 1st, 2017

Ability Stats - Manadrive Snow[edit | edit source]

Monk ability - Single-target water attack (damage focus, multistrike). Adds Painful Break.

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
1800100★★★ (15%)0
2880110★★★ (15%)0
3960120★★★ (15%)0
41040130★★★ (15%)0