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Muramasa (weapon icon).png
Ranger Icon.pngMuramasa
A cursed, bloodthirsty blade wielded by many champions.
Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.pngLife Draw+30
Moderately increases chance of drawing life orbs.
Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.pngPrismatic Return+20%
Has a 20% chance to restore spent orbs as prismatic orbs.

Muramasa is a ranger-type weapon in the game Mobius Final Fantasy.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

This weapon is unlocked and advanced as rewards during the First Anniversary event chain: First Anniversary, Part 1 and First Anniversary, Part 2.
It was obtainable during the First Anniversary event from August 2nd, 2017 till September 24th, 2017 and the First Anniversary Returns event from June 4th, 2018 till July 31st, 2018:

  • Muramasa Reward for defeating Gilgamesh at Dimensional Rift.
  • Muramasa+ Reward for defeating Gilgamesh at Hushed Hill.
  • Muramasa Bis Reward for defeating Gilgamesh at Gilgamesh's Stash.
  • Muramasa X Reward for defeating Chaos at Repel Chaos.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stats & Auto-Abilities of Muramasa
Break Power15202530-200
Crit Chance1133-5
Life Draw30303030-30
Prismatic Return20202020-25
Attuned Chain----3050
Boost Ultimate----11

Modifications needed for maxed Auto-Abilities and Stars: 34