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Manasvin Warmech

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Manasvin Warmech
Manasvin Warmech fight.jpg

FFXIII: Lightning Resurrection, Part 1

Enemy Size Boss
Drops Manasvin Warmech (Card)
A phantasmal annihilator from Cocoon.
~ In-Game Description

Manasvin Warmech is one of the special event Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It appears as a frequent boss-type enemy during the Final Fantasy XIII Collaboration Event Lightning Resurrection.

The Warmech comes in a variety of colors/elements, depending on the area you're clearing. As you progress through the Lightning Resurrection Event, it will appear with dramatically larger HP and break amounts, which can only be handled by Paradigms or by Supreme cards.

The main attack starts with a Wave Cannon Charge, which gives you a full turn to break it to stop its big attack... or to get a Sentinel Paradigm in place. After that, it cycles through 2 turns of attacks before charging up again.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Name Ability
Attack Standard Physical Attack
Defensive Wall Wall (effect).pngWall for 13 turns.
Plasma Burst 3x strike, Moderate magical damage
Plasma Beam 1x strike, medium magical damage
Wave Cannon Charge 6x strike, heavy damage.
Wave Cannon

In your first experience with the Warmech's Wave Cannon (LR1: PSICOM Gate 3), it also gains Immune to ailments (enhanced effect).pngImmune to ailments and Break Immunity (enhanced effect).pngBreak Immunity for one turn, guaranteeing that the Wave Cannon will fire on you. Make sure your Sentinel Paradigm is up before the end of your first turn.

Event Regions[edit | edit source]