Lightning's Shadow (boss)

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Lightning's Shadow
Lightning's Shadow banner.jpg

Lightning's Shadow
Lightning Resurrection, Part 2

Elements [LIGHT]
Enemy Size normal
Drops False Lightning (Card)

Lightning's Shadow (Japanese: ライトニングの影) is an event boss that appears in the Lightning Resurrection, Part 2 region and the Lightning's Shadow battle tower. She is meant as a shadow of the real Lightning, and bears many similarities to Lightning (Sicarius).

Locations[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

action description
[NONE]Ultimate Mode paradigm shift -- followed by Manadrive Offense and Manadrive Defense.
[LIFE]Manadrive Offense Brave (enhanced effect).pngBrave, Faith (enhanced effect).pngFaith, Haste (enhanced effect).pngHaste, Snipe (enhanced effect).pngSnipe, and Break Defense Up (enhanced effect).pngBreak Defense Up for 4 turns
[LIFE]Manadrive Defense Barrier (enhanced effect).pngBarrier, Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall, Regen (enhanced effect).pngRegen, and Veil (enhanced effect).pngVeil for 4 turns.
[LIFE]Manadrive Haste Haste (enhanced effect).pngHaste for 4 turns. Much more likely to use Ultimate while this is on.
[LIFE]Brave & Faith Brave (enhanced effect).pngBrave and Faith (enhanced effect).pngFaith for 4 turns.
[DARK] Manadrive Curse Curse (enhanced effect).png Curse and Debarrier (enhanced effect).png Debarrier for 4 turns.
[DARK] Manadrive Slump Slump (effect).png Slump for 4 turns.
[NONE]Paradigm: Medic paradigm shift -- ???
[FIRE]Element Drive: Fire drives her opponent's fire orbs and gains Resist Fire (effect).pngResist Fire
[WATER]Element Drive: Water drives her opponent's fire orbs and gains Resist Water (effect).pngResist Water
[WIND]Element Drive: Wind drives her opponent's fire orbs and gains Resist Wind (effect).pngResist Wind
[EARTH]Element Drive: Earth drives her opponent's fire orbs and gains Resist Earth (effect).pngResist Earth
[LIGHT]Element Drive: Light drives her opponent's light orbs and gains Resist Light (effect).pngResist Light
[DARK]Element Drive: Dark drives her opponent's fire orbs and gains Resist Dark (effect).pngResist Dark
[LIGHT]Army of One Ultimate attack: 8x heavy strike + status ailments
[LIGHT]Attack Normal attack
[FIRE]Fire Single-target fire attack.
[WATER]Blizzard Single-target water attack.
[WIND]Aero Single-target wind attack.
[EARTH]Stone Single-target earth attack.
  • Clutch Faith
  • Clutch Brave
  • Clutch Boost
  • Clutch Haste
  • Clutch Status Immunity
  • Clutch Regen
  • Clutch Break Resistance
  • Clutch Barrier
  • Clutch Wall