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Kraken fight.jpg

The First Warrior, Part 2

Elements [WATER]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Kraken (Card)
Rare Drop: Icon Crystal.png Crystal
A horrific fiend from the abyss, corrupted by Chaos.
~ In-Game Description

Kraken is one of the Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy, first appearing in Chapter V: The First Warrior, Part 2.

As you knock this creature's Break gauge down to zero, it will lose tentacles in the picture. These do not offer any battle advantages -- they are cosmetic only. When it recovers, Kraken will cast Benthic Restoration which restores its Break gauge and the tentacles.

If the Kraken drops to a low enough break gauge, it will gain Break Immunity (enhanced effect).pngBreak Immunity, and typically hit Benthic Restoration on its following turn.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Name Effect
Attack normal Water physical damage
Tentacles 3-strike Water physical damage
Benthic Restoration Restores full Break gague
Slithering Regeneration Repairs Break Gauge by 30%
Acidic Jet Water damage, Bio (effect).png Bio, Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier
Blizzaga medium Water magic damage
Blizzaja medium Water magic damage, removes [WATER]water orbs
Stinky Ink medium Water magic damage, Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier, Slow (effect).png Slow

Encounters[edit | edit source]

The Kraken can appear as an enemy in the following:

Region Area
The First Warrior, Part 2 Raging Rapids
Albion Plateau Redux Kraken area

Event Regions[edit | edit source]

Region Area
The Seraph's Blessing Phantasmic Coil
First Anniversary, Part 2 Gate of Battle
Anniversary Ifrit & Shiva Phantasmic Coil
Lightning Resurrection, Part 2 Blockade Bridge: Switch
Lightning's Shadow Phantasmic Coil
Omega and the Azure Witch's Revenge Phantasmic Coil
Aggregate Aggression 2017 Phantasmic Coil
Gilgamesh's Gala Phantasmic Coil