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Judge Magister

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Judge Magister
Judge Magister fight.jpg

FFXII: Light of the Skies

Elements [DARK]
Enemy Size Medium
Drops none
You may be looking for the Judge Magister (Job) instead.

Judge Magister is a special boss fiend in Mobius Final Fantasy, appearing as a special foe during the Light of the Skies event. He is based on Judge Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII.

As a foe, the Judge Magister typically stands alone, and is considered very similar to Vargas in strength, difficulty, and play style.

The Judge is naturally Immune to Debarrier (effect).pngImmune to Debarrier and Immune to Critical Resist Down (effect).pngImmune to Critical Resist Down. On start of battle, he will cast Prismatic Aegis on himself, giving resistance to all elemental attacks for 3 turns. During that time, he'll hammer the player with strong attacks and ailments.

Once the Judge Magister reaches 50% health remaining, he'll shift into a more difficult mode. First, he casts Renew, completely restoring his HP and Break gauges. He'll buff up with Enrage, then hit with more powerful spells before unleashing his Ultimate Attack, Guilt, which will lock out all Job advantages for 3 turns. ("Clouded X")

Judge Magister gets three attacks per turn.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Action Description
Prismatic Aegis pre-actions: Resist Fire (effect).pngResist Fire, Resist Water (effect).pngResist Water,
Resist Wind (effect).pngResist Wind, Resist Earth (effect).pngResist Earth,
Resist Light (effect).pngResist Light, Resist Dark (effect).pngResist Dark for 3 turns
Attack normal [DARK]dark physical damage.
Barrier Barrier (effect).pngBarrier for 3 turns
Wall Wall (effect).pngWall for 3 turns
Darkfang normal [DARK]dark magic damage
Lightfang normal [LIGHT]light magic damage
Darkdance medium [DARK]dark magic damage
Conquering Dark heavy [DARK]dark damage
Renew Restores HP and Break Gauges to full,
Immune to ailments (effect).pngImmune to ailments for 1 turn
Enrage Haste (effect).pngHaste
Snipe (effect).pngSnipe
Drain (effect).pngDrain for 3 turns
Impending Guilt heavy [DARK]dark damage,
Berserk (effect).pngBerserk
Snipe (effect).pngSnipe
Clouded War (enhanced effect).png Clouded War
Clouded Cast (enhanced effect).png Clouded Cast
Clouded Hunt (enhanced effect).png Clouded Hunt
Clouded Fist (enhanced effect).png Clouded Fist

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Judge Magister can appear as an enemy in the following:

Event Regions[edit | edit source]