Idol Head

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Idol Head
Idol Head fight.jpg

Dahaka Assault
El Dorado
Hunter Islands

Elements [FIRE]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Idol Head (Card)
Icon Molten Core.png Molten Core★3
Icon Crystal.png Crystal

The Idol Head is one of the fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It first appeared in the now defunct Second Exploration: El Dorado.

This is one of the prime elemental fiends, and is the only source for Icon Molten Core.png Molten Core★3s. As such, it frequently appears in mainline story areas and in Battle Tower events.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Idol Head gets either one or two actions per turn. Each action it takes decreases boons and ailment duration.

Name Effect
Attack Deals Fire Damage
Fire Deals Fire Damage
Firaga Deals Great Fire Damage
Wham! Deals Great Fire Damage
Debarrier Causes Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier for 4 turns
Berserk Grants Berserk (effect).pngBerserk for 4 actions

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Permanent Regions[edit | edit source]

Name Area
Second Exploration: El Dorado
Third Exploration: Hunter Islands
Yggdrasil: Materials Molten Cores

Event Regions[edit | edit source]

Name Area
Dahaka Assault Phantasmic Coil