Guard Hound

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Guard Hound
Guard Hound fight.jpg

Northern Cavern
Mako City Midgar

Enemy Size Small, Large
Drops Guard Hound - Fire (Card)
Guard Hound - Water (Card)
Guard Hound - Wind (Card)
Guard Hound - Earth (Card)
Guard Hound - Light (Card)
Guard Hound - Dark (Card)
An illusory manifestation of a war-trained hound from another world.
~ In-Game Description

The Guard Hound is one of the event-only fiends of Mobius Final Fantasy, showing up during the Fatal Calling event in January 2018. The hounds come in packs of up to three, or mixed in with a group of Security Squads. They are based on the enemies of the same name in Final Fantasy VII.

The hounds will come with a particular starting elemental affinity, based on which area they are found, but will frequently change that to some other element as it benefits them. The hounds will then cast the basic elemental spell for that affinity.

In most cases the hounds are small-sized opponents, but large and very tough ones do show up as a high challenge, in places like the Lifestream in the Northern Cavern. These ones have their spells upgraded to the "..aga" size as well.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Attack normal damage
Change Element: <element> Shifts the elemental affinity of the hound to a different element.
Linked Change: <element> If one hound shifts, the others will shift to the same element.
Fira Basic single spell. Element matches the hound's element.

Event Regions[edit | edit source]