Golden Flan

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Golden Flan
Golden Flan fight.jpg

Dream Within a Dream, Part 1

Enemy Size Small, Large
Drops Seed prismatic.pngSkillseeds
An elemental creature from the world of Spira... if Gil were an element.
~ General Description

Golden Flan is a special reward fiend in Mobius Final Fantasy, as part of the Final Fantasy X Collaboration Event. It first appeared at the end of the Dream Within a Dream, Part 1 region, and appears in special areas through the rest of the Dream Within a Dream storyline.

The fiend is similar to the other Flans in the event, with a high break gauge and low HP. Unlike the other flans, this one has no offense at all! It is purely a reward creature. It comes with a Light Pact (enhanced effect).pngLight Pact (or similar) boon for 99 turns, but there are no other enemies from which to absorb attacks.

The standard (small) form appears for roughly 40% of the skirmishes in the Golden Flan Battlegrounds and similar special areas. This form generally drops Seed prismatic.png 3,000 skillseeds of a random element.
The Giant Golden Flan shows up about 2% of the time, replacing the fiends on the last skirmish. This rare beast drops Seed prismatic.png999,999 skillseeds of a random element!

The Giant Golden Flan

Much like other Flans, the Golden Flan will cast Slump (effect).png Slump on you for 3 turns, if you kill with without breaking it first.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Name Ability
Charging... no action.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

The Golden Flan shows up in: