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Gilgamesh's Gala large banner.jpg
Bwa ha ha! Gilgamesh is holding a gala, and you're invited!
Can you defeat the undefeatable, topple the
★Ultimeh cards? Spare Change!?★
~ In-game description

Gilgamesh's Gala was a Ranked "battle tower" event available in May 2018, featuring solo battles against Gilgamesh. The battle is a thematic successor of sorts to Gilgamesh's Challenge. which featured him in February 2017, but with new tricks up his sleeves.

Event Details[edit | edit source]

  • Event duration: May 28 - June 4, 2018
  • Event type: progressive Tower Battle

How to Participate[edit | edit source]

  • Select "Gilgamesh's Gala" from the world map -- one of the arms of the red "specials" cluster.
  • This event is only accessible after a player clears the Runic Temple in Chapter 1

Story[edit | edit source]

Wol and Echo are circling through the Tower of Trials when they hear the telltale sounds of Gilgamesh returning. Both of them are tired of his overbearing antics, but they let him finish his (long) introduction in relative peace... if just to get it over with.

Gilgamesh has shown up to celebrate the climax of Wol's story, in his own special way.. and he's brought reinforcements! He won't say who they are, but he's looking forward to the beating they'll give. Wol gives a snarky response right back, delighting the swordsman. He paces off, in grand anticipation of Wol's arrival at the top of the tower.

Gilgamesh notes an extra for this appearance: special event cards, only obtainable here! Collect them all! Wol doesn't get it. Sure they might offer bragging rights, but who is Wol going to brag to? That knocks the swordsman back a notch. His whole shtick seems to be wearing thin on Wol, along with all of his previous long-winded stories of great Warriors of Light. Echo points out that Wol could soon be worthy of a tale of his own: the gloomiest Warrior of Light ever.

Gilgamesh has friends.jpg

At the next landing, Gilgamesh introduces one of his new acquaintances: Ultros! The six-armed warrior is ready for a smackdown, until Ultros realizes which faerie is in front of him. He's still traumatized after his Ultros Ultimatum encounter, and refuses the fight. Gilgamesh tries to explain that he likes "older faeries", but only succeeds in catching Echo's full anger after speculating on her age. Lesson learned by Wol: less talking.

When they next meet, Wol gives his disappointment at how little "celebrating" there is going on. How about cutting to the main event? Gilgamesh refuses, but ups things a notch with his next guest: Typhon! Together, the three will teach this youngster a proper lesson in heroism. Fine by Wol -- he'll beat them all down.

At the top, Wol asks Gilgamesh if he'll make it: be a Warrior of Light. Not a chance, says the swordsman. Wol just doesn't have the desire to be the Warrior, and that's essential. Still, he can either lose and end there, or win against Chaos and end there. So maybe it just takes a will not to lose. Good enough. With Wol's final victory over Gilgamesh and his war party, the swordman admits that none of the Warriors of Light were particularly straight-up. Each had his own problems, and in the end overcame them to succeed.

Gilgamesh looks forward to the day that Wol reaches his pinnacle... so that he can come back and steal all of Wol's stuff! And with that, he disappears back into the Rift.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Gilgamesh brings two new aspects to his play this time.

1) First, while Gilgamesh himself has [NONE] no elemental affiinity, his six weapons do! Each hit with one of those weapons will strike with an element, as well as an associated Ailment. However, if you have an Element Drive offering protection in an element, he will not attack with that weapon, and you won't be at risk for that ailment.

Weapon Element Ailment
Muramasa [FIRE] Fire Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier
Masamune [WATER] Water Curse (effect).png Curse
Hurricane [WIND] Wind Stun (effect).png Stun
Zantetsuken [EARTH] Earth Slow (effect).png Slow
Excalibur [LIGHT] Light Faith (effect).pngFaith
Excalipoor [LIGHT] Light no ailments, and weak damage

There is no [DARK]Dark element associated with Gilgamesh's attacks, but he also has no weakness to it.

2) Second, Gilgamesh will occasionally use a new ability: Spare Change?, in which he will throw Icon Magicite.png Magicite at you... and you get to keep it! (assuming you win, of course) He'll only use this once per battle, and once per set of areas in the Phantasmic Loop, but these are outside of the normal Magicite collection limitations. At higher levels (Level 42 and above) he will gain Perfect Defense (effect).pngPerfect Defense when he hits 1 HP, then cast Ultimeh - Spare Change? as his last act.

Event Map[edit | edit source]

Gilgamesh's Gala map.jpeg
In this extra-special battle tower, Gilgamesh makes a triumphant(?) return, complete with Ultimeh cards to help the discerning Warrior of Light complete their collection. Climb to the top of the tower and see just what the six-armed fighter has in store!
~ World Map description

The ladder is composed of 25 steps up, with each step progressively harder than the last.

Boss None.png Gilgamesh is the last foe for every area.

On high Levels, the Shadow fiends will start by casting Kill the Heretic! which gives you Stun (effect).png Stun and Slow (effect).png Slow at the very beginning of the battle. On high Levels they will also attack first.

After completing the ladder, the player enters the "Phantasmic Coil" areas. This is a set of 5 areas that repeat in an infinite loop, also with an increasing difficulty with each area finished. On these levels, a Prize of Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x5 is handed out for each loop of 5 completed.

There are 31 total areas and 8 treasure chests. Since the last treasure chest (in the Phantasmic Coil) automatically regenerates, the region can technically never be completed.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Area Stamina Battles Description Treasure Icon Magicite.png Magicite
Lowest Level: Abyss - - - (starting point) -
2nd Level 3 2 Boss None.png Gilgamesh awaits!
Beware his "Spare Change?" attack
Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1 20
4th Level Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x88
6th Level -
8th Level -
10th Level Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1
Icon Ether.png Ether x3
Seed fire.png Fire x222,222
Seed water.png Water x222,222
12th Level 4 2 -
14th Level -
16th Level -
18th Level -
20th Level Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1
Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down x2
Seed wind.png Wind x222,222
Seed earth.png Earth x222,222
22nd Level 4 3 - 60
24th Level -
26th Level -
28th Level -
30th Floor Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1
Icon Elixir.png Elixir x2
Seed light.png Light x222,222
Seed dark.png Dark x222,222
32nd Level 6 3 Boss None.png Gilgamesh and Boss Water.png Ultros await!
Beware Gilgamesh's "Spare Change?" attack
- 100
34th Level -
36th Level -
38th Level -
40th Level Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1
Icon Mog Amulet.png Mog Amulet
Icon Gigantuar Bulb.png Gigantuar Bulb★3
Icon Silver Opener.png Silver Opener x5
42nd Level 8 3 Boss None.pngGilgamesh, Boss Water.pngUltros, and Boss Fire.pngTyphon await!
Beware Gilgamesh's "Spare Change?" attack.
- 200
44th Level -
46th Level -
48th Level -
Highest Level: Ragnarok 4 Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x2
Icon Crystal.png Crystal x5
Skill Coin ★3
Icon Gold Opener.png Gold Opener x2
Phantasmic Coil 1 9 3 Boss None.png Gilgamesh and Boss Fire.pngBoss Water.pngBoss Wind.pngBoss Earth.pngMandragoras await!
Nab Gilgamesh's famed Ultimeh cards!
- 0
Phantasmic Coil 2 Boss None.png Gilgamesh and Boss Light.pngBoss Dark.png Chocobos await!
Nab Gilgamesh's famed Ultimeh cards!
Phantasmic Coil 3 Boss None.pngGilgamesh, a Boss Water.pngTonberry King, and a Boss Earth.pngDread Moogle - Earth await!
Nab Gilgamesh's famed Ultimeh cards!
Phantasmic Coil 4 Boss None.pngGilgamesh and Boss Light.pngBoss Dark.png UFOs await!
Nab Gilgamesh's famed Ultimeh cards!
Phantasmic Coil 5 Boss None.pngGilgamesh, Boss Water.pngUltros, and Boss Fire.pngTyphon await!
Beware Gilgamesh's "Spare Change?" attack.
Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x5 200

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Along with the treasure chests, Gilgamesh also drops in five new forms as "Ultimeh" abilities. (and you thought Excalipoor was the end of it) These new cards are:

Ability Card Element new "Ultimeh" ability
Gilgamesh (Warrior) [WATER]Water Spellsword Stray - single target, damage focus, adds Break Defense Down (effect).png Break Defense Down and Painful Break.
Gilgamesh (Ranger) [EARTH]Earth Gottadammerang - area target, multistrike overkill, adds Improved Criticals.
Gilgamesh (Mage) [LIGHT]Light Ultimama - area target, multistrike overkill, adds Unguard (effect).png Unguard.
Gilgamesh (Monk) [LIGHT]Light Phantom Blush - single target, multistrike overkill, adds 20pxTaijutsu.
Gilgamesh (Healer) [LIFE]Life Grape Gospel - adds Prismatic Shift.

See the Table of Ability Cards, or the individual cards, for more information.

At the beginning of battle, Gilgamesh "throws" Icon Magicite.png Magicite at you, causing minor damage, but leaving you with the Magicite! First time only, though.

You can also find the occasional fiend card, as well as:

Ranking Rewards[edit | edit source]

Final Ranking Rewards
1 – 500
501 – 1000
1001 – 3000
3001 – 10,000
10,001 – 50,000
Participation bonus

Fiends[edit | edit source]

Reference[edit | edit source]