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You can enhance ability cards through fusion.

First, select the card you want to enhance. This will be your "base" card.

Next, select up to 5 cards to fuse into the base card.

Make sure to check the fusion info on each card when you select them:

  1. EXP yield. All fused cards yield EXP.
  2. Skillseed fusion success chance. Only cards of the same element can unlock skillseeds.
  3. Ability fusion success chance. Only duplicate cards can improve abilities.

Note that only the relevant fusion info for each card is displayed.

Fusion-specific cards like cactuar cards have a higher yield than normal cards.

Cards that are fused are consumed, so be careful when selecting cards for fusion.

Rare Card Warning Message

A warning will appear when you select cards above rarity ★3 as fusion cards. You can disable this warning message through the "Config"section in the "ETC" menu.

Stats Transfer in Same Type Card Fusion

When fusing cards of the same type, if the fusion card has higher ability level or more skillseeds unlocked then one of the following warning prompts is displayed:

  • Fusing the same type of card will transfer ability levels and unlocked skillseeds from the better card.
  • Fusing the same type of card will transfer ability levels from the higher-level card.
  • Fusing the same type of card will transfer unlocked skillseeds from the card with the higher unlocks.

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