Faith II (boon)

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Faith II (effect).png
Faith II (boon)
Magic greatly increased.

Faith II (boon) is one of the boons in Mobius Final Fantasy. It greatly increases the magic of the character by 75% for a certain number of turns. It is the opposite of Curse (effect).png Curse.

Abilities that cause Faith II (boon)[edit | edit source]

Element Ability Card Type Number of Turns
(with Lasting Boons)
Other Boons
[LIFE] Faith X Moogle X (Card) Enhanced 5 Haste (enhanced effect).pngHaste
[LIFE] Ultimate Boon X Knights of the Round X: FFVII (Card) Enhanced 3 Brave II (enhanced effect).pngBrave II Boost II (enhanced effect).pngBoost II Haste (enhanced effect).pngHaste