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Extreme Famfrit X (Card)

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Card 3115 EN Extreme Famfrit X 5.png
Job TypeMonk Icon.png Monk
Element Water
SkillseedsSeed water.png x 56
NameExtreme Tsunami X
Max Lv.
Break Power
Crit Chance
Extra Skills

An aspect of darkness that had long been sealed from this world.

This is a special card obtainable only by those who have proven themselves in the Rift.

 ⚔ Its ability's potency increases the higher your Attack and Ultimate Gauge.
 ⚔ Additionally, it depletes the Break gauge.
 ⚔ Slotting it in your deck increases your Ultimate gauge each turn.
~ In-game description

Extreme Famfrit X (Card) is one of the Ability Cards in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is a Dropped Card that can not be augmented and can only be obtained by completing Ultimate Rift: Extreme Famfrit X in The Rift: Extreme Famfrit.

Ability Stats - Extreme Tsunami X[edit | edit source]

Monk supreme ability - Area water attack (multistrike overkill - 8 hits). Adds Mantra (Attack increases ability damage and allows it to reduce Break Gauges), Ultra-Martial Combat, and increases the Ultimate gauge by 1.

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
1036301050★ (5%)0

Notes[edit | edit source]