Extreme Dark Sphere X

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[DARK] Extreme Dark Sphere X
Ranger Icon.pngRanger supreme ability - Area dark attack (multistrike overkill). Scattershot (some attacks multiply based on number of foes). Adds Fortune (raises potency based on number of boons on self).

Ability Details[edit | edit source]

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
1031801800★★★ (15%)0

Extra Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Fortune.png Fortune
Icon Bloodthirst.png Bloodthirst
Icon Critical Retrieval.png Critical Retrieval
Icon Damage Limit Break.png Damage Limit Break
Icon Critical Rupture.png Critical Rupture
Icon Critical Weakness.png Critical Weakness
Icon Martial Combat.png Martial Combat

Ability Cards[edit | edit source]