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Exploration regions contain ruins and other locations of interest for you to explore and efficiently gain EXP and power.

Adventuring in exploration regions give you bonus skillseeds depending on the weekday, to be used to unlock further power through each job's skill panel. Bonus skillseeds are as follows:

  • Monday: Seed dark.png Dark Skillseeds
  • Tuesday: Seed fire.png Fire Skillseeds
  • Wednesday: Seed water.png Water Skillseeds
  • Thursday: Seed light.png Light Skillseeds
  • Friday: Seed wind.png Wind Skillseeds
  • Saturday: Seed earth.png Earth Skillseeds
  • Sunday: Seed prismatic.png All Skillseeds

Exploration regions also contain hidden treasure. Finding these items will grant your further enhancements.

Once you complete an exploration region, you get the option to enter the same region on Hard difficulty.

Battles on Hard mode are more challenging, but the rewards are greater as well!

List of exploration regions[edit | edit source]