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Enlil fight.jpg

Chapter 5: The First Warrior

Elements [LIGHT]
Enemy Size Medium
Drops Enlil
A wind beast named after an old god.
~ In-Game Description

Enlil is one of the Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It first appears in Chapter 5:The First Warrior, Part 1.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Name Ability
Attack normal Light damage
Lightfang medium Light damage
Stomp Light damage with Stun (effect).png Stun, Debrave (effect).png Debrave, Slump (effect).png Slump
Blind Light damage with Slump (effect).png Slump
Roar Berserk (effect).pngBerserk and Snipe (effect).pngSnipe
?? heavy Light damage

Encounters[edit | edit source]

The Enlil can appear as an enemy in the following:

Region Area
Chapter 5: The First Warrior, Part 1 Truth Found
Chapter 5: The First Warrior, Part 2 Vigilante Row
Chaos Vortex First Despair
Albion Plateau Redux Enlil area

Event Regions[edit | edit source]