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Earth Blast

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[EARTH] Earth Blast
Warrior Icon.pngWarrior ability - Cone-target earth attack.
Advanced From

Earth Blast is one of the Abilities in Mobius Final Fantasy.

It is granted from certain Dropped Cards and Summoned Cards.

Ability Details[edit | edit source]

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
1180120★ (5%)0
2198132★ (5%)0
3216144★ (5%)0
4234156★ (5%)0
5252168★ (5%)0
6306204★ (5%)0
7360240★ (5%)0
8414276★ (5%)0
9468312★ (5%)0
10540360★ (5%)0

Extra Skills[edit | edit source]

Ability Level Required Skill Requirement
2 Icon Bloodthirst.png Bloodthirst
4 Icon Elemental Retrieval.png Elemental Retrieval
6 Icon Guard Breaker.png Guard Breaker Base Card is 3★ or higher
8 Icon Damage Limit Break.png Damage Limit Break Base Card is 4★ or higher
10 Icon Elemental Mirror.png Elemental Mirror Base Card is 5★ or higher
10 Icon Vitality Tap.png Vitality Tap Base Card is 5★ or higher

Ability Cards With It[edit | edit source]