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...Not interested.
Cloud's signature quote

Cloud is a character from the Final Fantasy VII Collaboration Event, first appearing in February 2017. His main appearance has been as part of the Eclipse Contact special story regions. The character is a direct analogue of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.

Eclipse Contact[edit | edit source]

Midgar appears in Palamecia, ringed by various Mako Reactors. Wol investigates, and runs into Cloud, who is trying to shut the reactors down. Cloud provides info about the place, explaining the need to disable the Mako Reactors as they can kill the planet by draining its lifestream. The two team up in the effort, and work their way around the eight reactors against many Security Squads and Guard Scorpions. In most circumstances it's up to Wol to clear the areas of guards and fiends, while Cloud works the switches and passwords in the background. As they battle their way through, their mutual respect and camaraderie grows from convenient indifference to a friendly sarcastic banter.

Cloud talks about his arrival.jpg
What if I went home... but it turns out the real Cloud had never really left? What if I'm a copy that really doesn't have a home to go back to?
Cloud, in conversation.

One of the crucial findings is that the Guard Scorpion mecha protecting the core of each Reactor can't be harmed by Cloud -- only Wol seems capable of doing so. Wol's companion spirit Echo initially thinks this is just one of the Laws of Palamecia coming into play, but other things seem off, too: Cloud can see and hear Echo, while normal Palamecians can't; and Cloud has no idea where he came from or how he got here.

As each Reactor gets shut down, Cloud's amnesia lifts a bit. After Mako Reactor 2 he has vague memories of working as a mercenary, then waking to find himself floating towards Palamecia. As usual, Vox tries to explain the Prophecy and the Laws of Palamecia to this new denizen, but Cloud openly expresses that he's not interested, and gives up entirely on him, leaving him to continue his fight on the space that seemed to come with him. Cloud's feelings remain disconnected, though, and he starts to doubt if he is really himself.

When Mako Reactor 3 is shut down a special crystal appears with an offer to transport Cloud back to his "home". Cloud takes it, and asks if Wol will join him. Wol refuses, saying he's not ready to leave this world yet.

However, with Cloud's departure, Midgar stays put, and Wol has to finish shutting down the remaining reactors. Echo suggests in her vague talk with Wol that this may mean Cloud is just a reflection and not the original one.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cloud tends to be emotionless and cold, with an especially pragmatic attitude. He has no time for friends or boasting, but Wol's own matter-of-factness gives the two a common trait that forms a bond between them.

Cloud wears the SOLDIER 1st Class outfit, and carries the Buster Sword.

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