Break Defense Down II (ailment)

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Break Defense Down II (effect).png
Break Defense Down II (ailment)
for a certain number of turns.

Break Defense Down II (ailment) is one of the ailment in Mobius Final Fantasy aka BDD II. It lowers the Break Defense of enemies by 75%.

Abilities that cause Break Defense Down II (ailment)[edit | edit source]

Element Card Name Ability Name Range Type Number of Turns
[DARK] Neo Exdeath: FFV (Card) Grand Cross Area Enhanced 3
[EARTH] Kadaj: FFVIIAC (Card) Jenova Devourer Area Square 3
[DARK] Loz: FFVIIAC (Card) Black Knuckles Area Square 3
[LIGHT] Reno: FFVII (Card) Turks on the Prowl Area Square 3
[FIRE] Rude: FFVII (Card) Ziedrich Feuer Area Square 3
[WATER] Rufus: FFVII (Card) Red Ocean Area Square 3
[WIND] Yazoo: FFVIIAC (Card) Velvet Nightmare Area Square 3