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Brachiosaur fight.jpg

Conviction and Condemnation

Elements [LIGHT][FIRE]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops (none)
A great dragon who rules over the skies.
~ In-Game Description

The Brachiosaur is a special Event-only Fiend in Mobius Final Fantasy, featuring as the main foe in the Conviction and Condemnation event of June 2019.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The beast has a very high HP, with a middling Break gauge. As a Ranked Battle Tower adversary, its strength increases the more times it is fought, to a theoretically infinite level.

Brachiosaur carries a natural Immune to Unguard (effect).pngImmune to Unguard and Immune to Stun (effect).pngImmune to Stun.

Brachiosaur always opens with a shot of Rainbow, then does normal attacks, Rainbow, and boons from there.

Condemn[edit | edit source]

If at any time his HP bar is lower than his red Break bar, he will cast Condemn, which removes two of your boons -- even if they're enhanced. This can quickly deplete all of your boons, so it's wise to get his Break bar down quickly!

Rainbow[edit | edit source]

This is a particularly nasty ability, since it does not only multi-strike damage, but also casts seven different ailments on you! However, these can be avoided if you have particular elemental resistances:

Ailment Blocked by element
Debilitate (enhanced effect).png Debilitate Resist Dark (effect).pngResist Dark
Slow (enhanced effect).png Slow Resist Light (effect).pngResist Light
Slump (enhanced effect).png Slump Resist Earth (effect).pngResist Earth
Curse (enhanced effect).png Curse Resist Wind (effect).pngResist Wind
Debarrier (enhanced effect).png Debarrier Resist Water (effect).pngResist Water
Debrave (enhanced effect).png Debrave Resist Fire (effect).pngResist Fire
Bio (enhanced effect).png Bio can't be resisted.

These resistances can be applied using various equipped Abilities of your own, or more commonly with Element Drive, though that will only yield 3 elements unless you're very good at Job Change Shifting. More useful will likely be applying "Omni-Drive" resistances, using Supreme Cards or some Jobs (the new Scharfrichter's Ultimate does it).

The Bio (enhanced effect).png Bio ailment is non-elemental, so there's no resistance to block it. However, applying Immune to ailments (effect).pngImmune to ailments through Lights of Hope (Card) and others WILL block it, along with all of the other ailments.

Brachiosaur Counter and Convergence[edit | edit source]

Brachiosaur buffs.jpg

On the fiend's status bar you can find the Brachiosaur Counter (effect).pngBrachiosaur Counter, which starts at 15. Each ailment it successfully lands on you will reduce the counter by one. Multiple ailments will drop this counter quickly, so be prepared!

Once that counter reaches zero, the Brachiosaur will shift to its Ultimate attack, Convergence. This causes a straight 99,999 damage to you. This is a ONE HIT KILL, ending your game unless you can block it with Divine Shield (effect).pngDivine Shield or something similar. Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall won't nearly be enough, unless you can boost yourself to over 80,000 HP.

Make sure you Break the creature or kill it before it reaches this point, at all costs.

If you Break it when its Counter has reached zero, the counter will reset, but only by 2.

Ability set[edit | edit source]

Ability Description
Rainbow [LIGHT][DARK] Light/Dark multi-strike damage + ailments.
(see above for resistances)
Attack physical [LIGHT]Light or [FIRE]Fire damage
Condemn [LIGHT]Light or [FIRE]Fire damage,
Dispel Bis (removes two boons)
Regen Regen (enhanced effect).pngRegen for 5 turns
Wall Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall for 3 turns
Haste Haste (enhanced effect).pngHaste for 3 turns
The light bends and swirls... 99,999 damage -- kills you!

Event Regions[edit | edit source]