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Boons (also known as buffs) are one of the two groups of status effects that affect characters during Battles in Mobius Final Fantasy. They typically make characters stronger. They are the opposite of ailments.

  • Standard boons use square icons. They may be removed via the ability Dispelga, abilities with Dispel or Potent Cleansing extra skill, or an opposite ailment if any.
  • Enhanced boons use hexagonal icons. They may only be removed via Potent Cleansing, or an opposite enhanced ailment if any.
  • "System" boons use octagonal icons. The may only be removed via certain conditions, such as tap attacks for Feather Charge.
  • "Immunity to X" boons use a circle with a diagonal line. They cannot be removed. May have infinite duration. Only found on enemies.

Boons lose one count per turn. Boons may be only be overwritten by the same boon of higher priority or higher duration.

List of boons[edit | edit source]