BBQ Tonberry

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BBQ Tonberry
BBQ Tonberry fight.jpg

Summer Resort: Hiking

Elements [WATER]
Enemy Size Small, Medium
Drops BBQ Tonberry (Card)
Knife in hand, this tonberry searches far and wide for food to put on the barbie.
~ In-Game Description

The BBQ Tonberry is one of the special Event Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is a variant of the normal Tonberry, with a breezy summer shirt instead of a robe, a hat, and a shish-kebab skewer instead of the usual kitchen knife. It has only appeared in the Summer Resort: Hiking event.

This Tonberry is designed to counter the player's preferred elemental attacks. It will start combat by casting Karma, which will take whichever element the player has most used up to this point in the conflict, hits the player with damage in that element, and remove all of that element's orbs. It also frequently invokes Elemental Resistance to element for good measure. To up the game, stronger (and larger) versions will also cast Heated Knife which similarly causes damage in the player's most-used element, but also locks that element out for a few turns, forcing the player to rely on their other abilities.

The BBQ Tonberry will appear either singly in a pack with Dust and Grudge fiends, or will show up as a trio of Tonberries. When it does, they will frequently hit different elements: the first one gets the player's most-used element, the next one gets the player's second-most-used element, then the third one goes back to the first one's element. With each step on the casting, the Lockout ailment replaces any existing one, so the player will only have to deal with a single element locked out per turn.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Description
Damage Up! pre-emptive. No boon, but increases damage for all fiends.
Karma: (Fire) pre-emptive attack. Damage in element
Resist Fire (effect).pngResist Fire for 1-2 turns
Removes [FIRE]fire orbs
Fire Lockout (effect).png Fire Lockout for 1-3 turns
based on your most frequently used ability element.
I'll bake you golden brown... Heals HP. (Heated Knife immediately follows)
Heated Knife fire damage, Fire Lockout (effect).png Fire Lockout for 1-3 turns
based on your most frequently used ability element.
Dirty Knife damage, Bio (effect).png Bio for 8 turns
Charred Knife 8-strike Fire damage

Encounters[edit | edit source]