Armor Break

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Armor Break

Value type
Hidden value
Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Auto-Skill
Main only

[1~∞]: Ability to turn Break gauge red increased by X%.

— In-game description

Armor Break is a newer auto-ability that increases a player's ability to knock a foe's Break gauge from Yellow to Red. This is valuable for Icon Breaker.png Breakers working on high-Break gauge foes.

This is a different mechanic from the Armor Break action used by [DARK]Ironside and [DARK]Dullahan.

Found in[edit | edit source]

Where found boost %
Job: Scharfrichter +150%
Job: Kämpfer +150%
Job: Sorceress's Knight +100%
Skill Card: Armor Break +x% +10-30%