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The Arena is a set of locations and events during Chapter 2: Hope and Prophecy and the Chapter 2 Epilogue. It is a tournament of fights featuring the Warrior of Light and seven opponents. The Warrior of Light will fight three of these seven opponents at random.

The Arena costs a base amount of stamina based on the difficulty. You can participate in all three fights for no cost, this can involve multiple attempts. You can only leave the Arena by teleporting or winning all three matches. The Warrior of Light will always be Entry 1 and participate in Matchup 1 and Semifinal Match 1.

Chapter 2: Hope and Prophecy[edit | edit source]

The Warrior of Light heads to the Arena to find one of the four keys needed to progress to the teleport stone in The Ishtar Desert. After fighting off monsters in the Arena Entrance, Echo enlists the Warrior of Light into the tournament.

Chapter 2: Epilogue[edit | edit source]

After activating the teleport stone and returning to The Ishtar Desert, Echo informs the Warrior of Light he can once again participate in Arena for new prizes.

There are three difficulties each with a different set of opponents and stamina cost. Each difficult must be completed before the higher difficult can be attempted. Once all three difficulties are completed the Warrior of Light conquers the Arena.

Conquering the Arena completes 11 areas on the map: Entry 2-8, Matchup 2-4, Semifinal Match 2.

Difficulty Level Stamina Cost First-Time Reward Continued Reward Possible Opponents
Novice 12 Elixir x1 Gil x100
Adept 24 Ability Ticket x4 Gil x500
Master 36 Crystal x2

Ability Ticket x6

Gil x1000