Aerith Gainsborough

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Aerith Gainsborough Job.png
Job Type Mage Icon.png Mage
Weapons Mage-type weapons or Meia-type weapon
Ultimate Planet Protector ∞
Though its petals may fall, in time the flower will bloom once more.

An Ultimate Hero, the manifestation of a hero from another world.
Go to the "Job" menu to choose Mage abilities to manifest in this hero.
You can choose the weapon's abilities from the "Weapon" menu.
~ Info

Aerith Gainsborough is a mage-type Ultimate Hero added to the game on October 1st, 2019.

Extra Abilities[edit | edit source]

Equipping Aerith Gainsborough adds the following extra auto-abilities to those from the Mage Job you select:

Ultimate Ability[edit | edit source]

[MAGE]Planet Protector ∞

Area attack. A prayer to the planet brings bounty for all.

ALv.Ultimate GaugeAttackBreak PowerCrit Chance
11601000%3000%★ (5%)
21551100%3300%★ (5%)
31501200%3600%★ (5%)
41401300%3900%★ (5%)
51351400%4200%★ (5%)
61301700%5100%★ (5%)
71252000%6000%★ (5%)
81102300%6900%★ (5%)
91002600%7800%★ (5%)
10803000%9000%★ (5%)
Added Effects
Full HP Heal, Full Esuna (removes all ailments), Lucid Cast II (enhanced effect).pngMage's Trance II, Faith (enhanced effect).pngFaith, Barrier (enhanced effect).pngBarrier, Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall, Omnidrive (1 stack) to party. Prismatic Shift to self.

Skill Panels[edit | edit source]

This job offers no skill panels or upgrades of its own. Skills and Auto-abilities will carry over from the selected regular mage-type job.