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Abyssan Buster (Earth)(Card)

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Card 473 EN Abyssan Buster Earth 2.png
Job TypeWarrior Icon.png Warrior
Element Earth
SkillseedsSeed earth.png x 15
NameEarth Cross
Max Lv.
Break Power
Crit Chance

A creature of pure hatred distilled from the souls of felled fiends.

This card has a strong earth affinity.
Creates earth skillseeds.
~ In-game description

Abyssan Buster (Earth)(Card) is one of the Ability Cards in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is a Dropped Card that can obtained from defeating the fiend Abyssan Buster (Earth). Although it is not a fast learner card, it cannot be augmented.

Regions Abyssan Buster (Earth) Can Be Encountered[edit | edit source]

Event Regions[edit | edit source]

Name Start Date End Date
Collective Limit Break November 17th, 2016 December 14th, 2016
Eclipse Contact February 7th, 2017 April 1st, 2017
Solo Limit Break April 4th, 2017 May 2nd, 2017

Ability Stats[edit | edit source]

Earth Cross[edit | edit source]

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
1440220★ (5%)0
2484242★ (5%)0
3528264★ (5%)0
4572286★ (5%)0
5616308★ (5%)0
6748374★ (5%)0
7880440★ (5%)0
81012506★ (5%)0
91144572★ (5%)0
101320660★ (5%)0