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Abilities are a major gameplay mechanic in Mobius Final Fantasy. Abilities are one of two ways the Warrior of Light can attack enemies and restore his HP. The Abilities the Warrior of Light can use are based on which Ability Cards he has equipped in his current Deck.

Summary[edit | edit source]

There are are two types of Abilities: Offensive and Support. Offensive Abilities all the Abilities that do damage to enemies, while Support abilities are those that do not do damage, such as Healing abilities, Orb Effecting abilities, Boon abilities and Ailment-causing abilities.

Abilities have differing areas of effect, as defined below:

  1. Single-target: Affects only one target, but requires only a few orbs to use.
  2. Cone: Affects the target and several surrounding enemies. Useful when facing smaller groups.
  3. Area: Affects all enemies on the battlefield. Requires extra orbs to use, but is highly efficient when facing a large group.
  4. Main-Focused: Affects all enemies on the battlefield, with an extra focus on targeted enemy. This focus can be either extra damage or adding a Ailment. Requires many orbs to use, but is great for killing the extra enemies during a boss battle.
  5. Self: Affects the Warrior of Light

Most cards grant active Abilities that have to be activated in battle, and high rarity cards have passive Abilities that grant bonuses that are in effect automatically during battle.

The effect of each Card's Ability can be increased by increasing the Ability's Level. Increasing the Ability Level allows the ability to develop Extra Skills that grant Extra Effects or Increase the stats of the ability.

The Lesser Prefix[edit | edit source]

There are normally two types of each ability: a normal ability and a Lesser Ability.

Most ★1 and ★2 Cards have the Lesser Prefix to their abilities. Augmenting them to ★3 typically removes the Lesser prefix. ★1 and ★2 Event Cards typically do not have the Lesser Prefix.

Orb Cost[edit | edit source]

Each Ability costs a specific number of Element Orbs to activate. The Orb needed matches the the Element of the ability. There is currently no way to activate an ability besides having the correct number of orbs of the correct element.

The Orb cost is based on target range of the ability, while the rarity of the Card can increase or decrease this cost.

Target Type Normal Orb Cost
Single-Target 4 Orbs
Cone-Target 4 Orbs
Area-Target 6 Orbs
Main-Focused 8 Orbs
Self 2 Orbs
Card Rarity Attack

Orb Cost


Orb Cost

★1 Normal + 1 Normal + 1 Lesser
★2 Normal Normal + 1 Lesser
★3 Normal Normal None
★4 Normal - 1 Normal None

Ability Level[edit | edit source]

The Ability Level of each Card's ability can be increased by Fusing cards with the same ability. The Max Ability Level is based on the type and rarity of Card.

Rarity Max Ability Level
Offensive Abilities Support Abilities
★1 Level 2 Level 2
★2 Level 4 Level 3
★3 Level 6 Level 4
★4 Level 8 Level 5
★5 Level 10 Level 6

Extra Skills[edit | edit source]

Each ability card can develop Extra Skills once they reach a certain ability level. Offensive Extra Skills are based on their Job Type, while Support Extra Skills are based on their Effect. Event Cards typically have their own set of Extra Skills. Extra Skills add various benefits to each Ability, such as given buffs and doing extra damage. They affect the Ability they are attached to but no others.

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